The typical finely-structured, multi-layered surface of canvas and gesso, the very special painting techniques, as well as the strongly reduced picture composition with the contrast-rich rear object area, create a special interaction and give the object a high radiance and depth effect.

… a stylish work elaborately produced with more than 40 steps, which attracts special attention as a free-standing object or wall installation.


… if you are also interested in an object from the title series MAXIMINIMALISMUS, I would be happy to send you more information about the currently available objects by e-mail – contact address: project(at)

MONO stand objects …

The title series MAXIMINIMALISMUS also includes compact MONO stand objects, which I have designed in particular for the realisation of larger non-profit actions for the benefit of selected climate, environmental and nature conservation projects.

I gave these objects the abstract subtitle “GOLDEN SIGNALS OF NATURE” because I am absolutely fascinated by the idea that trees can communicate with each other by means of signals via a network of fungi and roots under the surface of the earth. This beautiful idea comes from the forester and best-selling author, Peter Wohlleben. In his book “The Hidden Life of Trees“, he also describes how in an old forest, sick trees are supported by neighbouring trees and how they share nutrients with each other – a social community of trees from which many people could still learn a thing or two.


A special edition of the MONO stand object is the focus of the NATURE, SOCIAL & MORE campaign. The action benefits selected nature and social projects.

For the realisation of the campaign, I am also making a large number of these objects available free of charge under the name MADEIRAGREENS.

The unique pieces, which have been affectionately called “THE LITTLE EVERGREENS OF MADEIRA” by a tourist, have motif areas of 784 mm2 – these motif areas were also elaborately structured and designed in more than 40 working steps.


The compact sculpture TOGETHERNESS with its minimalist design is also an object from the MAXIMINIMALISMUS series.

The hand-sanded and oiled sculptures with embossed monograms are made of high-quality eucalyptus wood and symbolise the strength, opportunities and ever-increasing importance of togetherness.

I also make many of the sculptures available for campaigns in favour of nature and social projects.

International award …

It was a special honour and pleasure for me that the sculpture TOGETHERNESS was presented in the official catalogue of the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci 2024 event and that I was awarded the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci 2024 – SPECIAL EDITION GOLD.

This prize is one of the most prestigious art prizes awarded in the heart of Milan to international artists selected by the famous Italian art curator and critic Dr. Salvatore Russo and the art expert Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo as some of the best international contemporary artists.

Made in Madeira …

All of the works from the MAXIMINIMALISMUS series are made on the alluring island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean.

My small studio is located in an idyllic mountain village in Madeira Natural Park, a large conservation area containing unique flora and fauna.

Living and working every day in this wonderful nature reserve is something special for me …the impressive nature on this island became my source of inspiration for the

ART 4 … OUR NATURE project.

Packaging and actions …

The monogrammed objects, together with a certificate, are available in attractive packaging

… certainly also very nice presents!

Through a special action, visitors to my small studio also have the opportunity to support nature and social projects with a fair donation and to receive one of my objects as a gift from me as a thank you for their support.

                    … together we are stronger

Bruno Wilbert

Large-format design …

I also designed the TOGETHERNESS sculpture presented at the International Prize Leonardo da Vinci 2024 for outdoor use – with an object height of 2.54 metres, it is a strong symbol for more togetherness instead of senseless against each other, which is not only infinitely harmful to people, but also to the earth.

The TOGETHERNESS sculpture can be made in a customised size in different materials, for example with a solid concrete core and a thin outer skin made of Corten steel.


The large-format and highly structured object entitled SOCIAL COMPETENCE symbolises the social communities of trees, as an impressive part of everything that exists or develops in organic and inorganic phenomena without human intervention.

The object measures 180 x 180 x 8 cm – the elaborate modelling of the structure is done with the help of a strong special paper and gesso on a special wooden construction. The acrylic object, which weighs over 20 kg, is privately owned.

My fascination for nature is the basis of my work and actions and my artistic works on social themes also arise from this perspective.

… together we are stronger